1. Like Home

From the recording Say Hello

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Like Home

Tired of not talking about it
For all the same reasons
If we keep thinking we’re not able
Only distance will grow where love could be deeper

Wish we were further along now
At home in our kinship
You know, it’s grace around the family table
Waking up daughters and sons
Brothers and sisters

We don’t have to stop at wishes
Just ‘cause this is what we’ve always known
We don’t have to wait for Heaven
To make this feel like home

This is the time to touch another life
And we don’t deny what's still unsatisfied
Let the longing prompt the faithful calling
All the sleepers who’ve been dreaming in the light


Who’s to say that we were made just to survive we could build a bridge where others would divide?
Heaven be the host when we’re together
All the restless souls who know what home is like


This is the time, while we're alive
This is the time, while we're alive

by K. Breuner, M. DeJesus, B. Goggin, M. Johnston, D. Stephens © 2018 Smalltown Poetry (ASCAP)