From the recording Say Hello

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Until I Met You

A dreamer shoved in a well
Sold out by the sons of Israel
Found a needle in a bowing haystack
When his dream looked more like a jail

A preacher running away
Tossed out, like his hope, on a wave
Down deeper, sinking with no way back
God prepared some fins and a tale

I never knew the stranger things are true
Until I met You
I never knew the wonder reaching through
Until I met You

A favored girl who conceived
By a power that was Spirit-breathed
All the angel said would surely be true
For the world through a girl who believed

Two teachers finally meet
Rebirth is a new way to see
When the followers of the rules are reigning
The wind blows and the Spirit leads


by M. Johnston, D. Stephens © 2018 Smalltown Poetry (ASCAP)