From the recording Say Hello

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Middle Of A First Love

I’m more than letters in red
Or a verse that gets stuck in your head
Worldwide, but still more than rare
In any language, beyond compare

I know where you came from
Forever be your first love
Showing what you’re made of
In the middle of a first love

You’re more than present or past
Or the best of times that won’t last
Still mine, but now more your own
A sudden freedom, alive to be known


And it feels like your heart
and your soul and your mind are frozen.
Don’t worry, you can’t leave behind a love that has found every way to keep going and going

So much life in the palm of your hand
Now you get to choose how it opens


by K. Breuner, M. DeJesus, B. Goggin, M. Johnston, D. Stephens © 2018 Smalltown Poetry (ASCAP)