1. Say Hello

From the recording Say Hello

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Say Hello

I was lost in a fantasy
Like waking up from the longest dream
Looking for stars that would point the way
For the charge of the light brigade

And Jerome had me wondering why
He put those trains up in the sky
While I learned love beat the system once
The law had fought hard but freedom won

Ooh, you took the words right out of my mouth
Ooh, look up
Say hello to the crowd
Ooh, yeah we’re clapping our hands
Heaven’s there with a shout
So look up
Say hello to the crowd

Down in the lowlands where the water is deep
I found a spark so bright and I still believe
The lines are falling in a beautiful place
For us to mark the claims of this amazing grace


by M. Johnston, D. Stephens © 2018 Smalltown Poetry (ASCAP)