NWxSE: CD + Download
  • NWxSE: CD + Download

NWxSE: CD + Download

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The 10th album from Smalltown Poets find the guys exploring new territory. The personal events playing out in the background for the guys during the writing and recording of “NWxSE” provided enough tension, heartache and uncertainty to inspire a thousand songs. Loss of loved ones, failed relationships, personal isolation, house floods and crashed cars were among the culprits, adding to the anxiety of Covid’s complete undoing of “normalcy.”

In the midst of public and private chaos, the Atlanta-based band gathered from points Northwest (Washington state) and Southeast (Atlanta Ga, St. Augustine FL, and Charlotte NC), five miles outside the tiny South Georgia town of Broxton to shore up their latest round of musical contemplations. In producer Noah Stephens’ farmhouse-turned-studio, which once had been the childhood home of lead singer Michael Johnston’s wife Amy, the Poets forged ten recordings laced with pain, joy, and promise.

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