December 22, 2016

Children Go Where I Send Thee – Live!

Children Go Where I Send Thee recorded live at Citrus Point Church in Tampa, FL.

Get the album version of the song on iTunes HERE.

Stream it on Spotify HERE.

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December 2, 2016

The Rumors Are True (and Christmas time is here)

The rumors are true. We’re excited to announce that a new Smalltown Poets album is underway with an expected release sometime in Spring of 2017 (the 20th anniversary of our debut release)! Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for all the latest on the new music.

Also, it’s now officially the Christmas season which means there are 2 full SP Christmas albums to add to your holiday mix. You can stream them both (as well as our other albums) on Spotify or you can purchase them on iTunes or by clicking here.

We only have one public concert appearance this Christmas season, but we’d love to see you there. Click here for more info!

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May 20, 2016

In Case You Missed It

UNTS SP Digital-1400x1400Many of our fans don’t know about this EP we did 5 years ago, which only exists in digital form and is available for free (for a limited time) via Noisetrade!

Here’s the press release from the week the EP was released:

Multi-Grammy and Dove nominated band Smalltown Poets releases first “non-holiday” album in 8 years on Friendly City Records

With lead singer Michael Johnston’s unique tenor vocals and a sweet, pop/rock sound, “Under the New Sun” gives listeners a great taste of what they’ve been missing and leaves them looking forward to what’s coming next. –

 Every track on this EP meets the challenge of transcending the ordinary. Smalltown Poets have once again crafted a masterpiece guaranteed to have you pressing the replay button repeatedly. –Jesus Wired, online music magazine

 Atlanta, GA, October 16th, 2012– The new album from Smalltown Poets, Under The New Sun, was released to digital outlets on October 16th. The band is following up its acclaimed 2012 Christmas album and tour (Smalltown Poets Christmas) with this 7-song EP, their first non-holiday release since 2004’s It’s Later Than It’s Ever Been (BEC/EMI).

The album title is taken from an old Villanelle (a previous incarnation of Smalltown Poets) song titled May Day; the lyric “under the new sun” sums up many of the themes of this new project: death and rebirth, renewal, restoration and resurrection.

 As much fun as the band had re-working Christmas songs last year, Smalltown Poets has relished a return to their roots by crafting lyric-intensive songs from the ground up, doing their best to turn a few phrases, sneak in a few puns, and invite the listener to dive in and bring his/her own imagination.

Under The New Sun opens with the title track, an atmospheric instrumental that sonically paints the hope and beauty of a new dawn via piano, spacious guitars, and an eager chord progression. The cautionary meets uptempo Turn Around sets the lyrical tone with witty, mile-a-minute word pictures that take the listener on a roller-coaster ride, to a bullfight, and back again through space. Charlie Brown’s Lament fetches the irony from the classically familiar relationship of a boy and his dog. The resurrection story is the backdrop for a celebration of hope in the contemplative yet driving Grace Is A Song. The EP pushes into new territory with the Aesop-esque story in song, The Ballad of Time & Eternity, featuring lyrics written by the band’s lead singer for his six year old daughter and meant to take on new meaning about the time when she turns sixteen. Speaking of eternity, this concise collection closes with Smalltown Poets’ twist on the standard gospel song I’ll Fly Away.

A radio campaign to multiple radio formats is under way. Tour dates are soon to be announced.



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December 17, 2015

It’s the most…

kev xmas tx 15…wonderful time of the year. We made just a small handful of Christmas appearances this year, so we haven’t seen as many of you face to face as we’d have liked. But we’ve loved hearing from those of you who have been enjoying our two Christmas albums. For those who don’t have them, and like actual disks, right now you can get $.01 shipping on our CDs, which are only $10 for a limited time.  Just click here. Here’s hoping you all have a very merry Christmas. See you in 2016!

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June 8, 2015


SP songwriting Charlotte 3 After another wonderful Christmas tour, we sat back and pondered what our next step as a band might be. Where does the story go from here? As there are rumors of a new release to commemorate the 20 year anniversary of our 1997 debut album on Ardent Records, we decided that it would be wise to start writing.

We were all recently together to play at chapel services for drivers and crew at the Coca Cola 600 in Charlotte, and we set aside some blocks of creative time to work out some of our song ideas. We were pretty happy with the results. Who knows how many of them will become actual recorded songs? But we were very encouraged to say the least.

For those who have ever wondered what a writing session might sound like, here’s a few minutes of audio, complete with Southern accents. It’ll be fun to see if this one turns out to be a keeper.

SP songwriting Charlotte 2SP songwriting Charlotte 1

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