October 16, 2012

Album Release Day!

It’s officially Oct. 16th, which means…we have a new album out today! Our new 7-song EP, Under The New Sun, is available now on iTunes, CD Baby, and just about every other digital outlet you can think of. (A physical CD version will be released shortly).

It’s our first (non-Christmas) release in a long time. All five original Poets recorded these tunes together, and as the songs took shape, we couldn’t help remarking to ourselves, “Hey! This sounds like Smalltown Poets!” The whole journey, from brainstorming to recording demos to final mixes, fit like a glove, and we’re really looking forward to you hearing what we’ve come up with.

As fun as re-working old Christmas songs was last year, we’ve really gotten back to our beginnings by crafting lyric-intensive songs from the ground up, doing our best to turn a few phrases, sneak in a few puns, and challenge our listeners to dive in and bring their own imaginations.

The album title is taken from an old Villanelle (yes, that’s a previous incarnation of Smalltown Poets) song titled May Day. The song itself isn’t on our EP, but that particular lyric – “under the new sun” – seems to sum up many of the themes of the new project: death and rebirth, renewal, restoration, resurrection.

We have loved making this record. We hope you love listening.

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